Claranova is a technology group operating in three main areas: digital printing through the Group’s PlanetArt division, management of the Internet of Things (IoT) via the myDevices division and e-commerce with its Avanquest division. A true global player in the Internet and mobile segments, it generates annual revenue of more than €130 million, more than 60% of which in the United States.


World leader in personalised digital creation via mobile devices

Claranova revolutionised the world of photo printing by creating mobile printing with its FreePrints and FreePrints Photobooks applications.
FreePrints is the cheapest, simplest and fastest way to print your photos via smartphone or tablet. It offers you dozens of photos every month for free – you only pay the cost of processing and shipping. With just a few taps, your photo prints are on their way to your door!
FreePrints Photobooks runs on the same principle as FreePrints. It offers users a free photo album each month, as well as a wide selection of premium albums of all sizes at very competitive prices.
In a little over three years, the PlanetArt division has brought its revenue to more than €100 million in a year and demonstrated its ability to make profits.

PlanetArt in brief
  • A proven business model, now profitable
  • A world leader for mobile printing
  • A sizable market
  • Average annual growth of more than 160% in mobile apps over the last three years


The future benchmark for the development of Internet of Things solutions

With its expertise and knowledge of the world of technology, Claranova created myDevices to accelerate the development of the IoT (Internet of Things) and take part in the next digital revolution.
myDevices has designed Cayenne – the first intuitive tool for developing and creating IoT projects. Cayenne enables engineers, manufacturers and network operators to develop IoT solutions quickly and easily, and to roll them out across a wide variety of verticals. With more than 550,000 developers, Cayenne has become the world’s leading IoT community.
Guided by its determination to make its technology as popular and as widely available as possible, myDevices has announced two partnerships with leading telecom operators Dr.Peng in China and Sprint in the United States, to assist them in creating and managing their IoT offerings. These offers are based on the “IoT in a Box” concept developed by myDevices, and will enable myDevices to roll out its solutions to these operators’ millions of users worldwide.

myDevices in brief
  • Unique technology in the world of the Internet of Things
  • The benchmark in development tools in the field, with more than 550,000 developers connected on Cayenne
  • The aim of being a major player in the next technological revolution
  • Monetisation expected in 2018 thanks to strategic partnerships with major telecom operators

Avanquest Software

Aiming to become a major player in the monetisation of Internet traffic

With more than 30 years’ experience, Avanquest has established itself as a leader in the development, marketing and sale of online software. Sold in more than 100 countries, Avanquest’s software covers a wide variety of applications: utilities, website creation, architecture, photo and video, entertainment and education. Avanquest has real expertise in digital marketing, enabling it to develop its Internet traffic monetisation activity. Its expertise is based on the wide range of tools (advertising customisation, emailing, behaviour targeting, etc.) developed by its teams. Resolutely turned towards the future, Claranova will continue to develop its division with the acceleration of the monetisation of audience and the launch of innovative offers based on advanced technologies like blockchain. Avanquest aims to become a major Internet player, with critical mass and compelling profitability. Its strategy will be articulated around the concept of “monetisation of Internet traffic”: a significant volume of visits to websites can be monetised through the sale of products, solutions and paid services, or digital marketing.

Avanquest in brief
  • Long-standing know-how and expertise
  • A new business model focused on monetising Internet traffic