Leading the Way in Personal Digital Creation

With decades of experience in home graphics software for PCs, Claranova has taken its digital creation tools online with a network of five successful Web-to-print brands in multiple geographies, all under the PlanetArt umbrella.

  • Simply to impress provides high-style card and stationery products, easily customizable with text and photos.
  • PhotoAffections is a single destination for a wide variety of personalized photo products.
  • CanvasWorld lets you turn your photos into canvas wall art with more features and flexibility than any site in its class.
  • MyCustomCase offers personalized cases for mobile phones, tablets and other devices.


Claranova has also anticipated the mobile revolution in the personalized products space by effectively inventing the mobile-to-print channel with FreePrints and FreePrints Photobooks.

FreePrints is an app for iOS and Android that gives users free 4x6 prints, plus enlargements for very low prices. Users pay only a nominal shipping and handling charge. Photos can be selected from the handheld device or from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox or other services and then easily cropped. With just a few taps photo prints are on their way to your door!

FreePrints Photobooks provides users with a free photo book every month with the opportunity to upgrade to hard cover and larger format books. With its unparalleled versatility and feature set and unprecedented price advantage, this new app has changed consumer behavior. Whereas photo books have traditionally been reserved by consumers only for key lifecycle events, FreePrints Photobooks users can easily print memories of simply a fun weekend or family get-together.

FreePrints and FreePrints Photobooks uniquely position Claranova at the intersection of three burgeoning spaces: mobile computing, photo sharing and personalized products.


For years it's been assumed that the photo printing industry has declined because photo sharing went digital - through the likes of Facebook and Instagram," notes PlanetArt CEO Roger Bloxberg. "In fact, this is only a partial truth. Our FreePrints business proves that a healthy demand for printed photos still exists among consumers. The problem has been one of convenience. Today's most important memories reside on smartphones, and getting those photos printed has been a real challenge. FreePrints solves for this lack of convenience and addresses a real consumer need that has long been ignored.